Parse Chinese bank transactions

Automatically parse your Wechat Pay, Alipay, or Chinese bank transactions

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Step 1: Download transactions from your bank

How do I download my bank's transactions?

Step 2: Select your bank

Step 3: Upload bank transactions

Step 4: Clean and download transactions

Note: Opening downloaded CSVs with Excel may show up with garbled icons. The CSVs are encoded with UTF-8, but MS Excel treats them as ANSI. To overcome this, open the CSV file with another text editor (ie. Notepad, TextEdit, VS Code). If you upload this file to LunchMoney, it should work as intended.

The Problem

Transaction history downloads from Chinese banks are mostly unusable in their raw form

The Solution

Our tool automatically cleans the transaction history so you can:

  • Track your budget and spending across Alipay, WeChat Pay and your banks in China
  • Directly upload to your own accounting software (ie. LunchMoney)
  • Keep a clean history of your transactions

How do I download my transactions?

Select your bank below for instructions on downloading your transaction history

Full Parsing Steps

Select your bank below for how we parse each download format

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